The animals came in two by two

Day thirteen continued: RR6 – Yala National Park

What a safari… In a six-seater jeep, our driver and guide sped us through the national park in search of Sri Lanka’s finest. The suspense, the excitement and the thrill were high but I think pictures will say more than words…

Beautiful birdlife: a crested serpent eagle, a bee eater (eating a butterfly) and a grey heron sunning itself, to name a few.

A wild pig.

A ruddy mongoose.

Loads of crocodiles.

Dozens of water buffalo.

A good half dozen elephants or so, including one that got very close!

And this adorable mother and calf.

But by far the most exciting spot were the leopards – we saw two from a distance and then two up close!


Thrilled with our sightings, we had a great evening with a posh BBQ and a night walk (where we saw a snake, a civet cat and some night jar eggs, laid on the ground) we went to our tent for the night.

Day fourteen: RR7 – Yala to Tallala

Our last day! We had a luxurious breakfast before we set off for the last 130km or so.

We drove along the coast, past beautiful lagoons with more birds! Counting down the kilometres, we were in great spirits.

We made it to Dondra, the southern most point of the island.

And then, it was just a few kilometres to the finish line – although we had to drop out bags off at our hotel first, change into our costumes and blow a few more balloons and bananas for the finale!

Hard to believe that in just seven days we’d driven around 1300 kilometres, via the northern most and southern most points, we were ecstatic – and greatly appreciated the Lion beer we were handed on the podium.

Keys returned, we were ready to party the night away. All 40 teams made it back in one piece although one team had an accident just a couple of hours from the finish involving a bit too much speed and a dog… We had a great evening sharing stories over a delicious fish supper and a disco on the beach. What a great end to a great week!

We’re thrilled to have raised Ā£2,586.51 for our four charities and know that they will all be extremely grateful for all your generosity so thank you to everyone that’s donated.

In response to the challenges John, Lee and I have been set, here’s a short video for your amusement…

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading our updates along the way. And who knows, maybe you’ll sign up to an Adventurists adventure one day too… It’ll be one of the best things you’ll do, that’s for sure!

With five days left in Sri Lanka, most of us are heading to beach town Mirissa for turtle spotting, snorkeling and whale watching. And most importantly, to rest so this will be the last blog of the trip. Take care guys!

One thought on “The animals came in two by two

  1. Glad you’ve all had such a great adventure! Envious about your leopard spots too (sorry about the pun!) – they are so elusive. Enjoy the last few days and safe journey home.

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