Scrabbling with my GoodGym coach

This blog post shares some ideas for playing games over the phone – specifically with your GoodGym coach, but also for anyone that has a friend or relative with limited knowledge of technology!  I’m coming up to my third anniversary with GoodGym.  For those that don’t know (me), GoodGym is a running club that combines… Continue reading Scrabbling with my GoodGym coach


I’m going on a bear hunt πŸ»

But first, a quick detour to a small town called Bodie. A town that no-one has lived in for decades. A ghost town, if you will. Gold was discovered here in 1859 and before long, it boomed and became a mining town – renowned for lawlessness, fights and murders. Later that century, production plummeted and… Continue reading I’m going on a bear hunt πŸ»